Should you use Webflow for your next design project?

Anthony Martinez
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As a designer, I’ve seen quite a few applications over the years that claimed to be “no code”. Programs like Adobe Fireworks, DreamWeaver, and Muse all made promises of an easier workflow with no coding required. But these programs were bloated and often behind the times of modern design practices.    

Webflow is another tool that has sprang from the no code movement, and generates clean code as you design with their visual interface.

I come from the world where it’s the norm to have a large development team working together on custom websites. I had my reservations about Webflow being able to speed up this process. But nonetheless I wanted to see what this “no code” tool could do.

It was love at first sight, sort of. Yes, I made some mistakes at the beginning. One blunder was accidentally deleting a static page that held all of my style guides. Duh. I instinctively went to hit command-z. Unfortunately, I already confirmed the deletion of the page. Through some quick research, I found out that Webflow has a built-in feature to restore to a previous backup inside the project settings. So not all was lost - phew!



The pricing structure


Limited plugins

Don't go in thinking you can go right into the application and build a world-class website. Yes, you can create a refined, modern website with minimal effort. But this does take some trial and error. I'd still recommend beginning with traditional tools like Sketch, Figma, and Adobe to buildout certain sections - primarily the homepage of the website.

The role of a designer is shifting. You’re now expected to know code and how to create animations. Throughout my years as a graphic designer, I've seen many people's careers washed away because they never put in the effort to evolve. The time is now to improve your game and up your rates.

Anthony’s Agency plans for moving forward in 2020

We’ll begin the process with a homepage design created with Sketch. We’ll then get feedback from the stakeholders. After design approval, we’ll move into Webflow and create a style guide, and build the rest of the website.

My overall thoughts on Webflow

If you're a startup or a small business and looking for something besides Wordpress. I'd definitely consider using Webflow to build your website.

As a designer, you should become proficient with the application. I believe Webflow is here to stay!

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