The daily life of a UX designer

Anthony Martinez
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A UX Designer serves as a bridge between technology and the human psyche. She or he works with all major stakeholders, as well as web developers and users. 

When major decisions are on the table, a UX Designer is the voice of the end-user. They advocate for decisions that will have the most positive impact on the customer.

The life of the UX Designer is always problem-solving. He or she must use a different skill set for each project. They may find themselves designing apps, SaaS, devices, websites, or software.

Here are a few hats that UX Designers wear to get the job done.


The daily task goes further than creating great wireframes and visual comps. The UX designer must learn new requirements. Refine application workflows for the product. Stay up to date with the technology that is changing frequently. 

The designer will need to share findings with stakeholders. They'll be required to be the voice for the end-user and isn't present in the room. Once all stakeholders are on the same page. The UX designer might create new workflows and problem solve complex problems. They might take these screens and test them among users. After the user testing has completed. They'll analyze findings and share recommendations, how to improve the product. The cycle will repeat often to find the best solution.

Tools for UX designers

The whiteboard and old school paper and pen. You'll be surprised how fast you can put ideas and paper. 

Here are some tools that can help get the job done.

Figma - build dynamic prototypes and mockups.

Adobe - allows designers to create high-fidelity comps, animations, workflows, illustrations, and prototypes.

Invision App - a prototyping tool.

FlowMapp - sitemaps, flowcharts, personas, user flows, and customer journey maps.

Framer - an all-in-one tool that helps teams design every part of the product experience.

Usertesting - Real-time feedback from real customers.

Flowmapp - build sitemaps, flowcharts, research users, and customer journey.


The UX designer must think about the user during all stages of the product cycle. They'll need to consider the product, stakeholders, and development limitations. The goal to make the best decision for the end-user.

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